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Strategic Marketing Solutions

At Ann Clanton Communications, we realize the vital role played by marketing strategies to ensure the long-term growth of a business.

At Ann Clanton Communications, we are changing the meaning of digital presence by creating innovative websites that help companies ascend to new heights.
Ann Clanton Communications takes pride in its Southern New England government relations team.
Ann Clanton Communications is committed to navigating the complex landscape of non-profit organizations and small business grants.

A Full-Service Marketing Agency That Guides You Through From Inception To Implementation

At Ann Clanton Communications, we know how to turn ideas into effective stories that can create success for you. We do it using strategic communication solutions! As a dynamic marketing agency, we specialize in four key pillars: Media Relations & Marketing, Web design, Government Affairs, and Grant Writing. We are dedicated to enhancing your brand, making a significant impact on its message, and achieving your goals through a custom approach that will help tell each organization’s unique story.

In the sphere of Media Relations & Marketing, we are adept at creating compelling stories that will speak to your audience. Our marketing agency uses our knowledge to obtain important media coverage, improve brand awareness, and create your foothold in the market. If you roll out a new product, service, or campaign, we guarantee that your story captures the media’s attention and hits its target audience.

Our website design services are more than aesthetics; we design digital experiences that capture the attention of viewers and convert them into customers or funders. By merging innovation with practicality, we create websites that portray your brand and offer a smooth user interface. We provide responsive design and intuitive navigation that makes your online presence true to the nature of your business.

The intricate nature of Government Affairs demands strategic understanding and efficient communication. We develop government relations strategy at Ann Clanton Communications, which works towards your goals. We provide effective relationships in your organization with stakeholders, creating a solid advocacy for you at all levels.

Grant proposal writing is a revolutionary & innovative process, and our grant-writing services are designed to give you the best possible chance of success. We have experienced professionals who understand the complexities of grant applications. We prepare proposals that effectively communicate the value associated with your projects, and we make sure that your initiatives are well-known.

Are you ready to elevate your company, amplify your advocacy, and achieve your objectives? Contact Ann Clanton Communications today, and let’s embark on a journey of strategic communication excellence together. Your brand build for success starts here.


Check out some of our recent work with clients

NAACP breakfast to feature Mass. prosecutor

NAACP breakfast to feature Mass. prosecutor

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified Mildred Nichols. PROVIDENCE — The Providence Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is inviting Rhode Islanders to celebrate history and civil rights during the organization’s 106th…

Author and Former RI Health Director Dr. Fine on New Novel “Abundance” on LIVE

Author and Former RI Health Director Dr. Fine on New Novel “Abundance” on LIVE

Former Director of the RI Department of Health Dr. Michael Fine, who is an author, doctor, and community organizer, joined GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle on GoLocal LIVE to talk about his new book, Abundance.   The book is a love…

The Rhode Island Black Film Festival is Back This Month <br>The fourth event amplifies voices and visions of people of color in the film industry.

The Rhode Island Black Film Festival is Back This Month
The fourth event amplifies voices and visions of people of color in the film industry.

Photograph courtesy of RIBFF.   The fourth Rhode Island Black Film Festival is back to amplify the voices and visions of people of color in the film industry. It also aims to inspire local college and high school students of…

Who We’ve Worked With

Public Relations And Marketing Services We Offer

Our experience comprises more than 25 years in marketing and public relations, which we are proud to have at Ann Clanton Communications. Therefore, our promise is to equip businesses and even non-profit institutions with a broad selection of services. We are here to enable you to address your specific needs and goals. We have the expertise to engineer individual events and develop comprehensive themes or strategies that can withstand the test of time. Our team can manage the diverse marketing challenges modern society presents, making us a reliable one-stop marketing shop.

Our mark is that our strategies in public relations are tailor-made. Each method is carefully designed to address the unique requirements of our customers. We offer a targeted approach that connects with your audience. Besides immediate benefits, we operate a futuristic attitude that entails the evaluation of our client’s long-term goals and visions.

Learn more about our broad range of marketing services, from digital marketing to media relations, crisis management, and brand building. Our areas of specialization go beyond tradition, which coincides with the rapidly changing dynamics in today’s business world.

 We welcome you to browse our selection and, most importantly, give us a chance for one-on-one consultation. This way, we seek to learn about your specific difficulties and goals so that our alliance will satisfy and surpass the set standards. At Ann Clanton Communications, we do not render services here; instead, we provide tailored solutions developed with the wisdom of experience and innovation.

What Are Clients Are Saying

Dr. Sylvia C. B Vice President – Brown University

What a wonderful event last week.

Syroya E. Syroya’s Bakery

Thank you to my publicist Ann Clanton Communications for always rooting for me and pushing me out of my comfort zone when it comes to mv business.

Linda A. D St. Martin dePoores Senior Center

Many thanks for the invite for last night and congratulations on the wonderful job you did. It was fantastic !

Let’s discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them

Feasible Media Relations And Marketing Strategy

In the competitive media communications landscape, our Media Relations and Marketing Strategy at Ann Clanton Communications is unique; it offers a fresh path with high efficacy. Unlike other marketing firms that provide generically written self-serving strategies, we take pride in offering solidly detailed, applicable, and executable plans. Besides developing the strategy, our team also acts in its implementation, taking an active part in ideas turning into practical initiatives.

Our brand management approach is based on practicality. We know that a strategy can only be as successful as its implementation. So, we carefully develop strategies that match your business’s particular requirements, strengths, and aspirations. Practicality is one of the main priorities on our side, whereby every aspect of this technique offers sound practical implications, allowing for tangible and measurable results.

Our Media Relations and Marketing Strategy distinguishes itself in terms of detail. We study market analytics, consumer behavior, and industry trends in detail, enabling us to formulate detailed plans where no grey area exists. From defining target audiences to creating compelling messages, our comprehensive process is a guide toward success. Such a level of granularity enables timely decision-making and allows for quick adjustments as market dynamics change.

However, what makes our strategy truly effective is that it can be done. We realize that organizations require more than just a map; they need an implementation partner. Ann Clanton Communications assumes responsibility for both strategizing and implementing the strategy. This sense of responsibility guarantees that clients see results, revenue growth, and increased profit–the end goals of an effective marketing move.

Media Relations and Marketing Strategy cannot be dispensed with in the contemporary business world. In today’s age of information and interconnection, effectively contacting target customers is crucial. Trust our marketing agency to be your partner in achieving long-term development and success in the ever-changing business landscape. Contact Ann Clanton Communications now.

Thrive & Grow In The Modern World With Our Website Design And Development

In the rapidly changing digital era, a business’s survival and growth potential depend on its online presence. Ann Clanton Communications understands the importance of website design and development in developing a brand’s identity. Apart from the conventional emphasis on desktop browsers, our methodology applies to platforms like mobile and tablet for a consistent user interface.

Not only does our team of professional web designers pay stringent attention to creating aesthetically pleasing websites, but we are great at designing digital experiences that appeal to your audience. It is also clear that aesthetics covers more than just an appearance; it entails using colors, typefaces, and pictures to tell your brand story most convincingly. Another critical element is the layout, which determines how information is structured and presented to provide an intuitive navigation.

A good site goes well beyond an online storefront; it is a valuable resource for website visitors, where they can get easily prompted answers. However, aim to build a website that has simple navigations and perfectly fits your brand’s nature. Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 100 company, Ann Clanton Communications offers services to meet your budget’s needs and requirements while providing world-class digital products and websites for all types of clients.

Our website design and development go beyond the mundane to create remarkable virtual environments that capture the attention of your target audience. At Ann Cl Anton Communications, we understand and work to actualize the belief that a well-designed online presence can take businesses one step higher. Contact us for a website design that can transform visitors into loyal clients.

Trust Our Decades Of Experience In Government Affairs And Lobbying

Ann Clanton Communications is a powerful ally in navigating the complex lobbying world. We have a seasoned government relations staff with decades of local, state, and federal expertise. Our experience extends to interacting with various legislative bodies, advocacy organizations, and individuals, ensuring that your interests are ethically and strategically represented at the highest levels of government.

Our dedication to quality is reflected in our complete lobbying strategy. We make your voice heard in the halls of power by making effective communication tools for government audiences and by preparing your proposals and presentations very carefully. We specialize in making introductions to important decision-makers, ensuring that influential individuals hear your issues.

Issue management and monitoring are critical components of our service, allowing us to proactively protect your interests in the face of changing political environments. Furthermore, our expertise in coalition building and grassroots support increases the effectiveness of your lobbying initiatives. We take satisfaction in responding to political shifts and performing extensive political environment evaluations, which provide vital assistance for navigating altering terrains.

Ann Clanton Communications, your trusted lobbying partner, is committed to facilitating your success in influencing government decisions. Our continuous dedication to ethical representation and strategic involvement distinguishes us. Join us in influencing policy that matters. Let’s make your voice known together. Contact us to begin a collaborative path toward effective advocacy and meaningful change.

Secure A Fund In Noble Cause Through Our Grant Writing

Ann Clanton Communications is at the forefront of providing comprehensive grant writing and strategic development services tailored to the diverse needs of non-profit organizations, City and government agencies, and for-profit companies. Our track record speaks volumes, as our expert grant writing services consistently empower clients to secure vital funding from city, state, and federal agencies and private foundations. We specialize in fueling the missions of social-impact initiatives, educational endeavors, and start-up businesses and organizations.

What sets us apart is our expansive grants consultant network, comprising over 250 dedicated professionals. Our consultants play vital roles. Our collective efforts guarantee a dynamic approach to the proposal development and grant writing process. We hired the most competent writers, editors, reviewers, facilitators, coaches, project managers, and subject matter experts. Whether it’s crafting full proposals encompassing program narratives, budget narratives, and attachments or providing targeted support through partial proposal writing and designing evaluation sections, our consultants deliver results.

Our commitment extends beyond grant writing services. We actively review proposals and offer invaluable prospect research services. Our experts delve into meticulous research to identify foundations and funding opportunities aligned with your organization or program’s specific mission and goals. This strategic approach ensures that our clients are equipped with compelling proposals and connected to the right funding partners. With Ann Clanton Communications, your grant-seeking journey is not just a process; it’s a comprehensive and personalized partnership.

Content Marketing Designed To Reach Your Target Audience​​

We know what it takes to reach your target audience at Ann Clanton Communications. We use a strategic process that identifies your target market. Detailed customer personas enable us to formulate a general profile of your perfect clients, considering the audience’s demographics, psychographics, and preferences. This profound knowledge allows us to focus our content marketing strategies solely on those most likely to find your brand and products appealing.

The basic principle of our content marketing strategy is the development of genuine, valuable, and, at the same time, relevant for your target client. We dive into the issues that align with their interests to draw their attention. Delivering content designed for your target market creates a smooth interaction by generating leads and developing conversions. We understand content marketing is an active tool that can be used in various ways to achieve the desired goals.

To seek out the ultimate audience engagement, we may also use influencer marketing. This modern approach enables us to work with influencers compatible with your target audience. With influencer partnerships, we help your brand expand its boundaries to an extended range of people and increase visibility. These influencers drive content creation that resonates with your customers and encourages brand loyalty among their devoted followers. In Ann Clanton Communications, our developed content marketing strategies are carefully crafted to ensure your brand remains accessible and successful among its targeted audience.

Government Affairs Services Helping You Build Connections Locally And Globally

Ann Clanton Communications’ government affairs services enable smooth communication and cooperation between companies and government authorities. Our mission is simple but profound: to provide our customers with the tools and insights you need to manage the complex web of public policy, regulatory issues, and legislative procedures. We understand the problems that today’s changing political scene presents, and our devoted staff is committed to being your strategic partner in conquering these obstacles.

With a thorough awareness of governmental complexities, we provide personalized solutions that meet your goals. Our services go beyond conventional representation; we act as advocates, ensuring your voice is heard. From campaigning for favorable policy changes to giving incisive research on regulatory adjustments, we prepare your company for success in an ever-changing political atmosphere.

Choosing Ann Clanton Communications for your government affairs requirements entails investing in a relationship built on knowledge, ethics, and unwavering dedication to your objectives. Let us link your company and the government, converting obstacles into opportunities for development and impact. Try our Government Affairs services and see the difference between having a trusted friend in public policy and government.