‘Sky Blossom’ featured in Rhode Island Black Film Festival

A meaningful documentary called “Sky Blossom” was featured at this year’s Rhode Island Black Film Festival. (Photo courtesy of Sky Blossom film)
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A meaningful documentary was featured at this year’s Rhode Island Black Film Festival.

“Sky Blossom” previously won Film of the Year award.

It’s a documentary about children who become caretakers to their military parents with disabilities.

Filmmaker Richard Lui said he was inspired to make the film because he is a caretaker himself.

He takes care of his dad, who has Alzheimer’s.

Lui said the diversity of the film shows how children “work differently to show that they’re the same and that they’re doing heroic things at home.”

The festival’s organizer, Ann Clanton, said the film was personal to her, too.

“I am a child of a person who had Alzheimer’s and I was their caretaker, so it connected to me personally,” she said.

This year’s festival wraps up on Sunday.


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